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Why Your School ERP Should Have Data Security and Data Recovery Features?


In this digital day and age, data security is of prime importance. Data security is the protection of data in digital form, from unauthorised access and misuse. The school management is aware of the critical information its data carries.Thus it is the school’s responsibility to protect the privacy of the student information it is entrusted with to prevent any kind of data loss.

Following are the data security features of the MyClassCampus school ERP.

Retrieve old records

Old records of teachers, administrative staff and students provide data that enable balanced and objective decisions on issues such as promotion, student and staff discipline, and teaching and learning performances , etc. Thus it is vital to put in place a system that is capable of retrieving old data.

Data portability

Data portability allows users to obtain and reuse personal data for their own purposes. It allows them to move, copy or transfer personal data without affecting its usability. It is also important to ensure that the data is operable in other platforms as well. This further ensures that vendor lock-in does not occur.

Student privacy

Student records often contain both personal data such as home addresses as well as financial details of the family. Access to home addresses means that there are now people aware of a student’s location at a given point in time, leaving the children exposed to danger. MyClassCampus is SSL certified. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is used, to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted.This is to make certain that only the intended recipient can access it.


Parents are deeply involved in the progress of the child in school.They want to keep track of all the happenings in the school. Some of them such as school work, exams, assignments, internal assessment , etc. For this purpose it is important for the school to keep track and maintain the records of all children. Records in the form of what work was completed, whether child is up to date in his school/homework, what questions papers were set, what is the answer key and last not least records of answer sheets for future reference as and when the need arises. Reliability is one of the key data security features a school ERP must contain.


Apart from maintaining records in the digital form, it is crucial to keep physical records/transcripts as well. While applying for a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree abroad, many universities ask for the details of subjects studied, before enrolling for higher education. They also require records of participation in sports and extracurricular activities. For this purpose, data in the form of transcripts and certificates come in handy.


In certain transfer case scenarios, the child may be required to change schools in the same city or in a different city. Here again records play a vital role to enable smooth admission process. It could be between same boards CBSE to CBSE or ICSE to ICSE or even IB to IB. The parent then with help from school is able to provide the necessary documents to ease the transition. Prevention of data loss during the transfer process is also taken care of by the data security feature of the MyClassCampus school ERP.


With a wide variety of operable browsers available, it is important to make certain that the school website is compatible across different browsers such as IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and on mobile devices. This guarantees uninterrupted workflow without waste of time and resources. Compatibility also ensures prevention of data loss while switching between browsers.

Prevention of data theft

Although the World Wide Web has made life easy yet it is fraught with dangers some apparent and many more hidden. Theft of data and its misuse to defame, blackmail or harass is prevalent on a large scale. This can be curbed with the use of firewalls, restricting access to sensitive data, securing the wireless network , etc. Prevention of data loss in any form either due to neglect or during storage or transmission or in some cases data breach is a potential hazard which needs to be dealt with at most importance.

ISO certified

With a growing number of users running into a few lakhs globally, it is of paramount importance to maintain certified standards to ensure client’s data privacy. For this purpose, MyClassCampus has obtained the ISO certification ISO 270001:2013. This is a specification required for an information security management system (ISMS). This involves identifying the risks and assessing the implications. And then putting in place systemised controls to limit any damage to the organisation. This results in increased data security and reliability of systems and information.

Safeguard against ever changing versions and upgrades

With fast emerging new versions and upgrades in the software field, it is of vital importance to stay updated. It is also important to upgrade the systems on a regular basis preventing loss of any data in the process. MyClassCampus is an online cloud based School Management System with abilities to manage multiple institutes in a user friendly and affordable way. Cloud computing enables all the data to be stored on the internet rather than on personal servers or hard disks which can put the data at risk.