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What is a School Management Software?


Schools are very complex institutions. They have a wide variety of functions performed together. This article will help you understand how a School Management Software can help you manage these functions better.

The core academic function involves the teachers teaching in the classrooms.

The administration wants to ensure that teachers are able to work without distraction. This actually integrates a lot of other smaller and sometimes more critical functions.

Like the library, communication with the parents, the fee payment schedule, canteen management, leave management…

Each of these tasks need a lot of organisational resource.
These tasks often (at least partly) occupy the teacher’s time. The overworked teacher is then saddled with two responsibilities. They are often critical — teaching and helping to manage the institution.

This is where the School Management Software comes in.

A School Management Software (or school ERP as it is often called) offers an easy interface to perform these tasks. The performance of each of these tasks is completely automated. The administration can configure permissions and policies for access to these functions. Administrators can also run reports and understand which user has performed which actions.

A School Management Software allows the school to become more efficient. If an institution is more efficient, the quality of its academics can be better. This is the marker of a quality educational institution in the long-term.

How well can a school manage to allow the teachers to focus on teaching? The clearer an employee’s Key Responsibility Areas (KRA), the better job they can do. This also helps the management of an institution to identify the high-performing resources.

So far we have only seen the Human Resources aspect of optimising an institution. Now let’s widen our perspective a little bit.

Fiscal Management

A School Management Software makes the fiscal
management of the school smooth. It logs each financial transaction, whether it a fee payment or an expense. This ability to track brings transparency to the system. With this transparency, the institution can deal with all external audits. All the records are in order and anyone can check all the traces.

For schools with many branches, this is a good control for the central management. Any parent seeking a record of all the fees they have paid to the school can get access to all the relevant records. When the administration is trying to assess its own reduction of resource usage, it can just run a report!

Knowledge Resource Management

Teachers need to constantly access the latest information in their fields. Students can often understand their lessons better with the help of books in the school library. A good school ERP should allow both students and teachers to refer to their library catalog.

Students sometimes need help in accessing the most optimal resources in the library. They need recommendations for resources from their teachers. A good school ERP software allows you to do this in an appropriate and easy way. News about the new & interesting resources in the library can be sent to each class or each student specifically using the software.

Communication Management

In these times, parents sometimes request frequent updates about the academic progress of their child. Individually communicating with each set of parents on the phone can be very taxing for the teachers. The MyClassCampus school ERP makes communicating with parents easy. Each communication is recorded with the precise time and context of the discussion. This record helps teachers and administrators to trace specific communication items later.


So, a good School Management Software can make a school administrator’s life much simpler. Time is money as Benjamin Franklin stated and any way of saving time becomes a way to save resources and money. So the cost of a good school ERP software is actually more of an investment. It comes back many times over, in some measurable and many immeasurable ways.

MyClassCampus helps schools become more effective and better managed. There are a lot of school management softwares available in the market today. But most of them offer a specific set of features. MyClassCampus has a different approach.

The MyClassCampus team studied the needs of 100s of schools across the country. They interacted with the administration in a focussed manner. They made a list of the most popularly needed features. What you can see and use today in the MyClassCampus software is an outcome of this process. The software is a single interface solution to respond to most of the school administration’s needs.

Even though some of the other software systems claim to be full-fledged ERPs, they are not in practice. The MyClassCampus team found school administrations struggling with legacy data compatibility issues, privacy issues and cross-software bridges.

MyClassCampus is compatible with most domain-specific software used in school administration. If you are using Tally for accounting, no problem – MyClassCampus works with Tally too!

Data is the new oil. This statement is often repeated in the media. But maybe MyClassCampus truly understands this sentiment. It is ISO127001 certified for data protection and recovery! Accessing old legacy data in MyClassCampus is never a problem – no matter which kind of data and which year. If not already built-in, the versatile team at MyClassCampus is always on standby to develop a custom solution.

The MyClassCampus system comes with a mobile app which offers push notifications of all updates. This feature makes communication easy for the parents. In spite of being busy with their life and business, they remain in touch with their children’s school lives. This proves to be a big help and makes many parents appreciate the school’s administration.