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MyClassCampus Online Admission Management Software: All you need to know


Are you struggling to manage everything while conducting admissions online?

Is it taking most of your time in handling papers and scrutinizing students?

All around the world while most of the schools, colleges, and other educational institutions are finding it difficult to keep up the pace of admissions by conducting them offline, some institutions have started adopting Online Admissions.

They have been opting for various Online Admission Management Softwares to get everything done easily.

But, what is Online Admission Management Software? Here’s the quick information about what it is.

What is Online Admission Management Software?

Online Admission Management Software is a web portal that is designed to automate the whole procedure of Admissions and make it completely paperless. It allows the educational institutions to set the date and time of the start and end of the admissions portal and within that time students can apply for admissions in the institute. It takes care of everything from filing the forms to receiving payments in the utmost safe and secure manner.

Beyond the quickness and convenience of this software, if you are wondering why your school, college, or coaching institute should adopt this software, I’ve listed some reasons.

Here you go!

Why is Online Admission Management Software required?

Globally, most of the educational institutions are still managing the bulk of admission work through offline mode and exposing a lot of people involved in the risk of Covid-19. However, below are some of the reasons that show the extreme need for Online Admission Management Software:

  • The increased number of students in every institution has increased a lot of work.
  • Parents have to spare a lot of time to visit the location for admissions.
  • Staff needs to manage a lot of papers and forms.
  • Scrutinizing students based on a merit list requires a lot of manual labour.
  • It requires a lot of effort to digitize everything again.
  • Handling a lot of cash while receiving fees becomes really difficult.
  • There always occurs a delay in communication to parents about the further procedure.
  • The educational organizations that are believed to support the advancement of technology are not expected to follow offline procedures by parents.

This has led to the inevitable need for complete automated Online Admission Management Software.

Now, you must be wondering which Online Admission Management Software may provide you with the necessary tools to manage admissions procedures efficiently.

We are enlightening you about the choice of many users: MyClassCampus

MyClassCampus Online Admission Management Software

Online Admission Management Software by MyClassCampus is an automated admission portal that makes the admission procedure completely digitised and a lot convenient. With advanced tools and modules, such as Dynamic forms, cashless fee collection, accepting documents in softcopies, counseling management, reports generation, and most importantly tracking of whole procedure by super admin or top management, it caters to all the needs of management, parents and students. The integrated CRM eliminates the hassle involved in the whole admission process.

Who can use this Software?

Online Admission Management Software can be efficiently used by schools, colleges and coaching institutions who want to make the admission procedure of various courses being offered by them, completely paperless and convenient.

Features of MyClassCampus Online Admission Management Software


This robust software designed by MyClassCampus has been built keeping in view the problems faced by management while conducting admissions offline and online as well. The experts working at the backhand of MyClassCampus have been putting all the dedication and creative minds to provide you the best of all. Consequently, MyClassCampus Online Admission Software has all the tools required to process the Admission procedure smoothly and effectively.

The main features that make MyClassCampus a choice of 1000s of users are:

  1. Launch Dynamic Admission Forms

MyClassCampus allows you to design your own dynamic admission form according to your requirements. This form page will be having all the information regarding admission procedure, admission brochure and all other necessary instructions associated with admissions. This page will allow students to directly apply for admissions with the link.

While creating dynamic admission forms, you can choose the desired layout from several themes and add various fields based on your requirements for different courses and departments. You can also collect a soft copy of the documents in the form of images or pdf as attachments.

This link of form can be shared to various social platforms to increase reach and leads.

2. Admission Inquiry CRM

MyClassCampus provides the tool “All Inquiries Management” under which all the inquiries or applications can be managed under various heads according to the process of their admission application. These heads are Inquiries, Interested, confirmation, Rejected, Shortlisted and Admissions.

All the forms submitted by students will be visible under the Inquiries head and you will be able to manage different stages of inquiries.  You can assign inquiries to different counselors and get individual data of the inquiries of different counselors. The counselors can maintain the follow-up comments of the inquiries and can keep notes of communication with follow up schedules.

Counselors can further assign inquiries to other concerned authorities for ensuring a smooth admission procedure.

3. Merit List Generation and Confirmation of Admissions

If you conduct the entrance exam for the admission process, with MyClassCampus, you can easily maintain the examination marks of different groups of students and generate a merit list based on it.

Once the admission is confirmed by the students, you can also send them a welcome message through SMS or an email with this software.

4. Cashless Fee Collection

If you want to charge any admission fees, you can set it as a prerequisite while applying for admissions.

The students applying for admissions will pay the fees digitally before submission. The admission fees can also be collected from the confirmed students, digitally and in a secure manner. You can keep track of the fees received and generate the receipts for the students.

You can integrate the portal with any bank of India and transfer funds easily at your convenience.

5. Reports Generation

Any data relating to the admission procedure can be pulled anytime by generating reports. This may work course wise, category wise, department wise admissions. Various kinds of reports can be generated such as:

  • Inquiries Report
  • Counsellors Report
  • Confirmed Students Reports
  • Fee collection Reports

You can filter these reports course-wise, category-wise, department wise or choose any other required filters based on your admission form.

6. Export of data

MyClassCampus Admission Management Software has the feature to export the data of all the confirmed students. You can download the data in MS Excel Sheet for further usage.

This data can be further shared with concerned authorities for data backup or further use for academic purposes.

7. Rights Management

The admin of the software i.e. schools, colleges or institutions have full control over the whole procedure of admissions. They can also control the flow of the software and make any changes in the course,  criteria or any other changes they desire.

The admins can track the real-time flow of information in the software and keep an eye on every activity of the admission procedure.

With these rights, they can easily extend or limit the rights of other stakeholders.

8. Communication

MyClassCampus Admission Management Software is handy to convey important information to the students effectively.

With the option of SMS, email or voice call, the counselors can inform about further admission procedures. Any information regarding the personal interview, group discussion, physical counseling, etc can easily be conveyed with the software itself.

The communication can be done individually, to shortlisted or filtered groups of students, or all the students according to the requirements.

How It Works: MyClassCampus Online Admission Management Software works?

With the robust technology and advanced tools, MyClassCampus Online Admission Management Software is absolutely convenient to use. You can use all the listed features on MyClassCampus and launch your own admission portal, with few simple steps:

1. Launch dynamic admission form

2. Inquiry Management through CRM

3. Communicate to prospects for updates/information

4. Manage inquiry stages

5. Add inquiry follow-ups

6. Create Entrance Exam formats

7. Generate Merit List

8. Track admission payments report

These steps are going to give you a lot of benefits with which the admission procedure will be a lot easy and convenient.

Here are few out of many advantages of MyClassCampus Online Admission Management Software.

Advantages of MyClassCampus Online Admission Management Software

  1. Increase your Reach

With MyClassCampus Online Admission Management Software, you can increase your reach. Sharing links on social media platforms grants more exposure to the admissions forms and enhances the reach of students applying for admissions.

2. Hassle-free Application

With Online Admission Management Software, the submitting of the application becomes really easy. Parents don’t have to spare a lot of time visiting the school or college to get the admissions done and they can file the applications at the convenience of home. They can also stay updated about the entire admission procedure and flow.

3. Reduced Man-Labour

The major advantage of the software is the reduced man-labor in handling a lot of tasks. The staff in your school or college won’t have to handle piles of papers, documents, creating merit lists, making fee reports, and making data entry to the Excel Sheets. All of it has been taken care of by MyClassCampus Online Admission Management Software. All the applications will be automatically digitized and will make it easier to migrate them on ERP after admissions. It will save a lot of time and resources.

4. Increase the productivity of your counsellors

While conducting the admission offline, it becomes difficult to manage everything effectively. With Inquiry CRM on MyClassCampus, the productivity of counselors is increased a lot. It can be easily tracked and managed as to how many inquiries have been assigned to counselors, the follow-ups, and comments. Counselors can also communicate with their inquiries through SMS, email, or voice call, with this platform alone.

5. Real-time Tracking by Top Management

The Top Management of the school or college such as the Director and Principal can easily track every information flowing inside the system and also manage the various activities going on. They can also track day to day applications by students and the stages of inquiry. They can extend and limit the rights of any stakeholders according to the requirements at various levels of staff and phases of management. 

6. Secure Transfer of fee

The fee payment by students is completely cashless and digitized. MyClassCampus has simple and sophisticated payment gateways to carry on the transactions in the most secured manner. It automatically shows the fee structure and mandatory payments while students apply for admissions. Any kind of transfers whether for registration fees or admission fees, can be conveniently made through Online Admission Management Software.

To conclude, MyClassCampus is the complete package to give you the value you seek in the Online Educational Management System. It has got everything covered on a single platform to save your time, money, and resources.