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Manage your Institute activities Remotely through Online ERP during the Lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic


The novel Coronavirus ( COVID -19 ) is spreading around the world rapidly. Given a look at the activities for more than a month, we have seen a drastic change in the work routines of various companies and establishments. The companies have seen many changes and transitioned through various phases over the past few weeks. Trust me, these changes are not so easy. It takes a lot of pain and efforts to survive in this given situation.

Are we capable enough to survive the crisis due to COIVD – 19?

Yes, we can!! ERP systems in this crisis situations are very essential. Our cloud-based ERP or Student Information System allows our customers to work entirely remotely. Nobody was prepared for such days to arrive but everything is a god’s will. A better understanding of our customers has enabled us to progress further and be a part of our mission in these times. Our teams have started working from home, attending calls, making the right developments and delivering the right features or updates at the right time. This has enabled us to believe that we can run our business from any place at any time, not just from the workplace. Our cloud-based ERP has become promising than ever because it involves lesser human interactions.

Do you think Smartphones have evolved to be a necessity in the current times and the future?

Look, change is necessary and inevitable. Like we say every coin has 2 sides, similarly, smartphones are none different. Everything in this world has a brighter and darker side, likewise, a Smartphone can act both as a boon or a bane. But given the present situations of the crisis, Smartphones have definitely proved to be a bane for us, our customers, the students, our employees and many others who are currently associated with us.

All our associates, partners, employees and our dear customers are thankful for this wonderful innovation, named “Smartphones” which has enabled us to stay connected & dedicated to our work and business. This has enabled easy access to our cloud-based ERP and helping us work remotely across the globe.

If a similar question regarding the Smartphone would have been asked a few months or years ago, it would have been difficult for us to answer. Our customers are using the ERP in the most effective and beneficial manner along with the students/parents of a particular institute, by continuing the regular education through the various modules and other institutional activities making the use of the smartphone through the Android & iOS platform based app provided by our educational ERP.

How effectively are your utilising your time and energy?

Are you using it for the right work, efficiently?

Is your Institute gaining out of the efforts you put into your work?

We are struggling every day to achieve something better for us and our workplace. An Institute might have several activities planned over the next few months which were to be put on hold, had it not been for an Student information System like MyClassCampus. We are striving to provide the best and unique of all which will consume less of manual work yet prove to be more efficient.

Our School Management Software has several modules & features which has found the best use in these crisis situations. If you haven’t managed to go through these features so far, this is your time to wake up and start looking forward to these amazing features which can prove to be of greater importance to you and your Institute amidst this lockdown.

We have listed some features which you can access remotely staying at home, working from home and share with others, with a good internet connection, of course.

Pocket Study – A Quick Learning App

Pocket Study App

  • A new product launched by MyClassCampus recently amidst the lockdown period. This is a product which will become a permanent solution for Institutions for e-learning, revision or data-sharing platforms.
  • Pocket Study is an e-learning App-based platform which can be of great advantage to the Teachers & Students who can share, interact, learn & deliver to each other thereby being an advantage to the overall institute.
  • With this new feature, we are even providing Live interaction Class and Live Streaming feature.
  • In current times, this new feature is sure going to be a great tool for institutes to interact with each other.
  • We are sure to have several success stories only based on this module during this lockdown period. We have received lots of applauds on this new feature, thanks to the Developers and the Sales-Support team and even larger part of appraisal goes to the minds who ignited this idea.
Lesson Planning forms an integral part of the Pocket Study App

Enquiry Management

  • The most useful feature for the Institutions in these times, when the receptions or administration is closed and the person’s to visit won’t go out of their homes for an Enquiry at School.
  • Best way to manage this is to do it remotely, Go Online!!
  • Our Institute ERP Software provides great features for managing all the Institute enquiries or new admissions.
  • Also, this is the perfect time for a change of schools, end of the terms, etc. so students/parents might be looking to contact the Institute/College/School/ Coaching Class for new admissions.
  • The academic year has already ended or is about to end for most of the Institutes and this seems a perfect time for managing the Enquiries from the Students/Parents.
  • We provide an Online Enquiry management feature and a means for communication through SMS or Voice Call for different stages of the Enquiry process.
  • Design your own page, broadcast or promote the URL on your Institute’s website or social media page. You need to help us with your requirements and our team will guide and help with the initial setup process for managing this task online.
  • You can manage the Enquiries and a Confirmed Admission on this platform of our School Management Software. You can even arrange for payment of the fees online, for the forms and once the admission is confirmed.
  • You’re all set, Admissions Open amidst Lockdown!!

Online Fee Payment

  • Online Payment is an important feature which can be accessed easily remotely.
  • This feature can be best promoted as a feature by avoiding contact with others or anyone except your own device, which is fairly permissible.
  • These times where it is difficult to move or locate to anywhere and when there is fear to get the contamination by coming in contact with any person outside or simply Cash amount, for instance, is not good.
  • Online Payments are the most promising means in these times and can be considered as an hour of the need to be promoted by each Institute/Schools.
  • Our cloud-based ERP provides excellent services for Online payment & its integration with your Institute in particular.
  • This is an entirely paperless approach. Online payments also enable you to get the Payment receipts online. Not just from the banks, our ERP helps you to download a copy of the Payment receipt with all the particulars, which can act as proof of the Payment or merely a Receipt.
  • The process can be termed as transparent and reliable with ease of access.
  • Certainly, this is one way of promoting the Digital India Initiative by the government. Let’s just be a part of this digital initiative in our digital world and make processes easier and convenient on both sides.

Voice Call

  • An excellent feature in the times of crisis and chaos.
  • A feature to communicate an essential or emergency message to the Institute, be it to the Students, Parents, Staff, Employees, Partners, etc.
  • The best thing is that a “message of words” is delivered by the “speech of voice” which can be more promising to listen rather than read.
  • The benefits against the SMS service are more using the Voice Call feature. The confirmation of a call being received by the end-users can be obtained through a detailed report.
  • The report on the Voice calls made and who needs to be called up again or sent a reminder again is made very clear. The inch of details on the calls is made available to the Institute owners/admins as an advantage.
  • The instant information can be conveyed and that too within seconds of broadcasting the call. This can be useful in these times when most of you are in lockdown at home.
  • Auto Schedules Reminders can be managed well.
  • Auto Reschedule for unanswered calls can be taken care of to convey the necessary information.
  • Don’t wait, Call us, so we can work upon your Voice Call.
Voice Call – Merits to use

Tally Integration

  • As the financial year has ended, this is the feature which will supposedly be the most useful for any Institute/Schools.
  • The entries for Fees management which were done into the system can be easily managed to sync to the Tally software for accounting & audits purpose.
  • This might sound like a relief to your Chartered Accountant as well as to your accounts staff. They might not have to put in double efforts of typing all the entries again to Tally software.
  • This will be a great advantage to the Institutes who would be/ are using the Tally feature for managing all the entries of student fees.
  • We have easy steps to be followed for integrating our ERP with Tally. If the basic steps and requirements are fulfilled, then we will need only 5 minutes to help you start off with Tally.
  • This will ensure saving a lot of time and manpower which might be involved in the manual process.
  • Give it a try to Sync the Fees Data with Tally, come around and Thanks us later for the effort saving feature.

Online Test & Paper

  • When many exams aren’t being possible to be conducted, try the Online MCQ based exam feature.
  • Simply create the exams either MCQ question based or a PDF file-based. The students will appear for the online exams in the respective time duration. After the exam duration is over, the Results are published there itself on the mobile app. Students will be able to see their performance based on the percentage & percentile.
  • Isn’t this interesting?? Try this new feature, we have even made a lot of improvements to this feature.

Result / Report Card Generator

  • The schools are closed. You are not sure until when.
  • But the academic term has ended for most of the schools.
  • This seems to be the Result time, where most schools would conduct Parent-Teacher meetings or conduct an open-house for an interacting session to know about the performance of their child during the entire year.
  • But all of the above activities wouldn’t be possible at this time of the year, given the situation due to lockdown.
  • Make a Right Choice, make an appropriate use – Result Generation using our ERP.
  • I just came across a piece of news, where a University in Japan conducted Virtual Graduation Ceremony by awarding the degrees to the students making use of Robots. The end-user to receive the Graduation certificate was live on the phone.
  • The above example shows the importance of Results or Report cards in the life of any student.
  • You can design the Result or Report card in the most unique manner you want and get all the marks filled by the teachers online.
  • You can thereafter publish the results so the student/parents can access the result in a PDF format through the use of our Mobile App based ERP on Android & iOS platforms.
Result / Report Card for Exams conducted

Chat for Communication

  • A feature for internal communications and keeping the discussion restricted to the use of the Institute and its users.
  • This is an excellent communications feature for keeping a conversation in private with the Institute or with the respective faculties.
  • A feature which is similar to the likes of Whatsapp and has even got plenty of emoticons added for making a good conversation.
  • The feature provides an excellent notification system so that no conversation or Chat which you are part of, is missed.
  • Try and stay connected by communicating with the Staff or Students for varied conversations and keep yourself about the current on-goings.
  • Also, you can share the images, files, documents, videos through the group chat conversations which you have using the App based platform.
  • Worth giving this a try and start its use for your Institute

The above-discussed points for all the needful features which an Institute can benefit from and be of greater importance to the students or parents will prove your Institute’s worthiness of the extent to which you are using a digital platform for your Institute’s usage.

In these times of crisis, we have not let you down, and we backed you against any danger or difficulty you might have to face using the ERP if we hadn’t taken our stance amidst the lockdown situation.

We hope you all are Staying Safe and are fine at home. We wish you well in these times and let us just hope and pray that sooner everything will be just fine. It will be good to be back to normal sooner.

Rest assured, we hope you continue to use our Student Information System software services at the fullest and even explore the new features which we are updating every now & then. Our team is working hard from home, so if you have any concerns or if you wish to discuss anything, please reach out to our Sales, Support & CRM. You can even reach out to us on

We will keep you posted for more updates through this platform.

Stay Tuned..!
Stay Home!!
Stay Safe!!!