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How to choose best School Management Software?


India is having 1.5 million+ schools. As IT development has grown in the past couple of decades, many small companies started building and providing industry specific solutions. In education domain also many companies built offline school management software. Now since Jio and Mobile age, offline software becoming obsolete. Everyone is looking for cloud based online software for a range of benefits.

While purchasing a software, school need to check some parameters before deciding to go ahead with a software. Because it will take a lot of time and resources to implement and successfully run the system. 

Many times, due to the limited information and  lack of domain knowledge many schools end up choosing the wrong solution provider. Which results into failed implementation.

I am sharing some important parameters you may consider while choosing a School Management Software (MyClassCampus ):

  1. Features depth: Almost every software will mention titles of a range of features they claim to have in their software.  However in many cases they don’t have depth of those features and so it becomes useless. Check depth of features you really need to avoid disappointment later. 
  2. Regular updates: Cloud based software needs regular updates for web and Mobile App features. Choose the company which provides regular updates. If a company is not investing in maintaining the existing features and new updates required based on versions then it may create troubles in future. 
  3. Strong support team: After sales support is a critical aspect in implementing a school management software. You can’t expect the company’s support team to run your software. However, you need to check whether they have a dedicated support team to help your throughout the journey of implementing and using the software.
  4. Vision behind the product: There are companies who built the software as a side project. They don’t have a vision to serve the industry with a passion to deliver something best. Choosing such software with someday disappoint you. Also there are companies who have a dedicated team to run the software and working with a vision to deliver the best solutions in the domain. Such companies will deliver you better services and solutions. 
  5. Pricing: I will never recommend you get attracted based on just low pricing for s software. Very low pricing will be either because they are not continuing new research and development or they are not willing to deliver best after sales services. Because every service costs a lot of technical, support and server related resources. You should choose the software which is giving value for money. Your little more than your budget investment will definitely result into seamless operations and improved productivity.

Many times, school explore 10s of software and invest a lot of time to find the best solutions for themselves. However, due to attractive offers they end up choosing something not so suitable for them.

I would recommend you to always ask for a free demo trial and try to run a few of the most important features on your own. If you feel comfortable with the experience, then you may go for the solution.

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