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How Can Parents Be More Involved With Their Children’s School Life?


What parents need to know about their child’s school life?

Parents want to be involved and kept up to date about their children’s lives especially their school life. The MyClassCampus School parent app is designed to serve this very purpose. It is an easy and simple way for parents or guardians to connect with the school at any point of time. Parents are then able to keep track of their child’s progress in academics, sports and other extracurricular activities.

If in case any child has difficulty in grasping or understanding a particular subject, the same can be communicated by the parent to the teacher and vice versa and care can be taken to assess the special needs and modify the learning methodology if required. The students are made aware of the resources present in the Library. The students then can make use of it to complement the textbook or classroom study.

Traditional means & method for this communication to happen

Earlier the only means of communication between school and parent were through written notes. These were sent through the student. This was not a fool proof method as the notes were either lost, misplaced or simply forgotten to be delivered. With the modern communication in place it is easy to speak to a parent in real time and sort the matter then and there. The MyClassCampus parent app for schools also relays the work done in school and the work to be done at home in the form of assignments/worksheets , etc. This system enables the children absent from school to catch up with the rest of the class.

How a school ERP system like MyClassCampus makes school-parent communication easy?

The MyClassCampus school parent app has taken communication to a whole different level. It could be feedback about the child’s progress in academics, issues related to discipline or any other aspect for that matter. Communication between the school administration and the parents is taken care of by the parent app for schools. This could be towards fee payment, timely reminders, bus schedules, availability of books , etc. In times of frequent tests and assessments conducted in schools, it is easier to keep track of the question papers, answer sheets, grades given, report cards given , etc.
In earlier times in case of an emergency or if the school faces an unprecedented situation where it has to shut down early, communication would have been a nightmare, but now with the click of a button, the school is able to convey the message to thousands of parents at the same time ensuring the safety of the students and fulfilling its responsibility admirably.

How better school-parent communications can help a child’s growth?

A positive two way communication between schools and parents leaves a lasting impact on the parents ensuring a brighter future for the child. For example if a school conveys disappointing news about the student performance more often than recognising student’s excellence, it will discourage parent involvement. Instead if parents are briefed how to contribute towards bettering their wards performance, it will go in a long way in building the child’s confidence and parents will be happy too, to be able to contribute in a positive way towards their child’s growth. It is vital that key areas be identified and communicated to the parents effectively, which can be done through the MyClassCampus parent app for schools. The key areas could be in conveying the classroom activities, the child’s accomplishment, or methods in which the parents can help at home with their child’s development.

There are two ways to improve the child’s growth, one is where the parent’s help is sought as discussed above. Yet another important means is through the teacher’s contribution. Parental involvement results in improved focus of the teachers. During the communication process, the teacher too learns about the students’ needs, home environment etc. which enables a better understanding of the student thus resulting in improved methodology and also improving the morale of the teacher.

What are issues faced in deploying a communication network well?

Once the school decides to incorporate ICT or Information and Communication Technology into its system, it needs to take care of the following aspects before plunging into the technology driven domain. Some of them are listed below

  • Coverage
  • Security
  • Cost
  • Technology know-how
  • Lack of genuine software
  • Inadequate numbers of computers
  • Low internet speed
  • Lack of motivation from both teachers and staff
  • Lack of training skills
  • Lack of expert technical staff
  • Poor administration support

Once the school is able to overcome the above challenges, it is then ready to embrace a wonderfully new technologically enhanced world where everything happens at the press of a button. The MyClassCampus school parent app is one such advanced system; an interactive tool to share, learn and grow together.