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Why every school should go for paperless online admission process?


Admission is a very important part for any educational organization. It’s a very time consuming and lengthy procedure to follow every year. It occupies a good number of teaching and non teaching staff to complete successfully. Even for parents, it becomes very tedious task to visit school campuses and fill offline form and then follow up subsequently to check whether their kid got the admission or not. 

Following traditional on paper form based admission process not only takes a lot of time but don’t bring efficiency in operations. Top management can’t get an overview of number of inquiries coming for different standards and courses.

Converting paper data into digital form also takes a lot of time and requires a lot of human efforts to complete. There are high chances of error in data preparation. Understanding parent handwriting and converting into excel or any other digital format is a very unproductive procedure to follow for a school admin because of no alternatives.

How if every school shares a QR code or a link to all the parents who want to apply for admission in their school or educational organisation? 

It will not only give convenience to parents of filling the form at their ease from their comfortable place, but will prepare digital data of all the applicants. Parents can pay the form fee as well while submitting the form. 

Schools can promote their online admission process in marketing efforts to bring more applications. Which may result in more number of admissions.

From backend side Inquiry management CRM can help counsellors to create notes for each inquiry for future follow-ups. Inquiry management can provide features or maintaining status of each inquiry like interested, rejected, shortlisted, admission etc. If any information needs to be communicated to all or selected or filtered applicants then admin can easily do that through text SMS.

From the management or principal side, they can access all the application status with details through their mobile app.

Even such features in school management software can have merit list generation options as well. Which could help life of admission department very easy. Applicants data can be easily exported in excel. Counsellors can add their subsequent follow-up comments for each inquiry in the software.

Based on our understanding, even today less than 2% schools follow complete paperless admission process. In most of the school websites if there is apply online link then also it’s used for lead generation which sends an email. There is no end to end system implementation which could make all the operations very easy and save unbelievable efforts and resources. 

Before few years when internet wasn’t easily accessible, these kinds of technology solutions weren’t much popular and feasible. However, since the JIO and Digital India revolutions started, I believe every school and college in India should plan to go paperless in admission process. They can choose a good quality and reliable school management software which can cover this feature as well.

Imagine a time when every school and college go for paperless and cashless in admission process? It will save a lot of time, paper and other resources and contribute at large in digital India mission.

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