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Easy and Quick Deployment of School Management Software


Until recent times, school records, student grades, new admissions , etc., were painstakingly maintained by hand. It often led to chaos and panic when files were misplaced or lost leading to waste of time and resources. With the advent of the internet based SMS system, tracking student details or handling faculty records has never been easier. File management is just a click away for the MyClassCampus school ERP, as it is a web based and platform-independent software.

Requirements to deploy school MyClassCampus school ERP

Adapting to any change requires time and effort. But in today’s fast paced world, digitisation too keeps up with the pace by making it easier to accommodate and streamline into a new system. It is a one time task to set or deploy the school management software, once done it translates into a very easy and efficient system to maintain and run.

Adaptation of digital practices

The school management and administrative staff have to be trained effectively and thoroughly before beginning the implementation. The requirements could vary department wise hence the training modules should also be tailor made to suit the needs of each department.

Recording and documentation of information

Initially all the records and documents need to be brought under one umbrella in a consolidated form and then segregated department wise. It needs time and patience. As most data is already maintained in the digital form, it makes it easier to transfer the data into the new system, and any new data that come in is just fed into the system smoothly.

Data entry and other requirements

A team leader or manager is required to overlook the entire implementation process. A proper schedule has to be set up and regular communication needs to take place among the staff concerned. Roles and responsibilities of the staff post the ERP installation scenario also need to be addressed.

Weighing out the pros and cons while deploying the MyClassCampus school ERP

There are always two sides to a coin. It is important to become aware of the whole picture before coming to a conclusion. It is thus crucial to understand the challenges one could face apart from figuring out the benefits alone. As the old adage goes “forewarned is forearmed”, it is prudent to study the possible obstacles one might encounter and how to overcome them.

Benefits that outweigh adaptation challenges of management and administration

The management has to be firstly convinced regarding the benefits of deploying the school management software. Secondly the administration which will be the main user of this technology has to be given sufficient training, if needed in parts, to make the transition smooth. Moreover implementation needs to be done in stages and with a technical person in charge to oversee the transition. The benefits are aplenty

  • Increased efficiency
  • Greatly reduces paperwork
  • Improved data security
  • Error reduction
  • Reduction in manually maintaining records
  • Better monitoring and quicker resolution of queries
  • Improved interaction between School and Parents
  • Instant communication…

…to name a few.

Benefits of Regular and Rigorous Recording and Documentation Habits

On deploying the MyClassCampus school management software, the running of the system becomes easy. The immediate apparent advantages are reduction in costs, streamlining of all the departments, increased efficiency, analysing data effectively etc. Here on, once the data has been input into the new SMS, then regular documentation and recording on a day to day basis becomes simpler. For example something as basic and necessary as attendance monitoring becomes easy. Attendance of teachers, staff and students can be supervised and the issue of absenteeism if any, can also be addressed.

Some of the other conveniences of deploying a school ERP are as follows:

  • Clear and confusion-free communication
  • Ease of access of the system by all concerned
  • Keep track of work of students
  • Manage bus schedules effectively
  • Manage timetable of various classes
  • Regular and hassle free payment of fees
  • Customised system of management
  • Better educational experience for students, teachers and parents… …and lots more.