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7 Unique Features of MyClassCampus School ERP You Won’t Find Easily


A simple google search will give you the options of many school ERP software providers. What makes MyClassCampus special? We want to explain how our solution stacks up against other options. Then you will find it easier to decide on a school ERP solution for your institution. Some of these features are available in different apps separately. But all the features (that is when the most value kicks in) together will not be available to users easily.

Payment Options

School administration bodies experience many problems with the fee collection process that is operated on a regular basis. Parents pay the fees as per their convenience for their wards, and school administrations have to keep track of it on a regular basis. Using the MyClassCampus app, schools can have their own dashboards which can display a set of configurable options. Do you want to keep track of each transaction as it happens? Do you want to see visualisations to give you a quick top-level overview of the activity in your account? Do you want to split the fees between different accounts for ease management? Do you need to give receipts to the parents of your school students as soon as the payments are successful?

Compatibility with Tally

Schools need to follow auditing, government regulation and other third-party issues. It needs to make sure that all their accounts are together in the same software. This rule becomes necessary when many people are collaborating on managing some finance. Also when reports are available to people who are not third parties, compatibility with existing systems becomes an issue. MyClassCampus responds to this potential problem by providing extensive documentation about the compatibility of their software with Tally. The company realises that compatibility and data portability is a critical parameter. It can affect the efficiency and productivity of a school administration very deeply.

Communication with Teachers, Parents and Students

The MyClassCampus school ERP system offers mobile apps for Android as well as iOS. The mobile apps make it easy for the system to be used for communication purposes. Parents, teachers and students each have different communication needs. Each of them desires different kinds of information to feel aware of institution-wide activities. Regular and free communication ensures healthy long term relationships. All the links in a school are for the fit and consistent development of the enrolled child. The MyClassCampus app allows parents, teachers and the school administration to collaborate for the child’s future.

Recovering Past Data and Preventing Data Loss

A child’s educational records are going to be useful for all their future study and work opportunities. They need to be kept secure and readily accessible. The MyClassCampus school ERP system goes even further. It makes it possible to recover the data in case of a hardware or system failure. The developers’ team that supports the user community of MyClassCampus also assists the school administration in taking regular backups of their valuable data.


During the onboarding process, the school’s specific requirements from a school ERP system are understood in detail. The development team of MyClassCampus is able to offer suitable and extensive customisation of the software system if needed. In most cases, 90% of the feature set is already available in the core system because of the intensely user-centred way in which it was designed.

Generating Reports

A large part of the ongoing work of a multi-stakeholder system like a school is reporting, monitoring, improving. First, a report flags concerns after which it is shared for wider reflection and contribution. Then a series of meetings are held at different levels of authority. Then a report with a set of recommendations is framed and shared back. The MyClassCampus web and mobile app system help at each stage of this process.

Information, libraries and courses

The school library is generally endowed with very rich resources. These resources are recommended and selected by the teachers and academic advisors at the school. Unfortunately, students are sometimes not aware of these resources. They seek the knowledge these resources contain. The MyClassCampus web and mobile app system offer students access to the library catalogue. They can directly search for the resources that they need.

The decision to commit to any software system is not based just on the features. The support is an equally significant aspect of their decision and commitment. Users need to be supported in multiple ways. They need support for technical, usability, deployment and data portability.

The MyClassCampus team is known for both – delivering a high-quality product, and having the systems and talent to support the customer in every possible way. Without the second, the first is not of much use. And without the first, the context and need for the first do not arise.