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7 reasons why every school should use a cloud based School Management Software and Mobile App


Few years back, for every piece of information in any department of Government Or private organisations, people use to rely on notice boards or inquiry window. Since the time internet became commonly accessible at a very affordable pricing, and smartphone became easy to afford for mass, finding all the information required on a tap of search became common. Now hardly someone calls to help centers or visit personally for any kind of information.

Similarly, in almost every industry, operations were managed on paper with data records. Gradually those got converted to offline software to make life easy and data accessible. Now with internet age, almost every industry is moving towards cloud solutions for a range of benefits it offers.

Considering the growth in cloud based software usage in almost every domain, education domain can’t remain traditional to match with the very fast changing digital scenario of data accessibility and productivity.

I have tried to cover in the article some important aspects need to consider before staying traditional in education Institute management:

  1. Centralized data access 24*7: If you’re using a cloud based School Management Software then you need not rely on the school computer to get any important data related to students, fees, finance, exams etc. Many times, need arise to access some important details related to a particular student, class or in general information. Having the data accessible on the web or Mobile App could save a lot of time and increase productivity.
  2. Role wise user access: Every school is having multiple departments and different roles. Providing rights based access to concerned people will make system access and data management easy. Every stake holders like accountant, teachers, librarian, system admin will do their activities on the software and management/principal will be able to get centralized data access as and when needed. 
  3. Can bring all the stakeholders on platform: By having a cloud based School Management Software, school can invite all the parents to sign up on Mobile App to receive all the updates about their child on Mobile with push notifications. Teachers and other staff will be also connected on the platform for single place communication. 
  4. Communication efficiency: Having a cloud based School Management Software will not limit the communication with all the stakeholders to SMS. School can send push notification of announcement and other information or data files. It will improve the speed of communication and which will result in happy students and parents. It will bridge the communication gap to a great extent which will result into improved reputation of the school. 
  5. Online Admission and Fee Payment: Cloud based School Management Software can help school totally digitize admission process from traditional form based method to a completely digital admission form. School can collect form fees or after admission school fee digitally through Mobile App. Parents will experience the convenience of doing it at the comfort of their home.
  6. Digital Identity: Having a cloud based software will not only improve the efficiency but it will help the school to present a digital identity to all the parents of existing students and prospective future parents who might consider sending their kids to your school. 
  7. Centralized accountability: Having a cloud based school management software will create a strong base of data for all the operations at school in different departments. It will not only improve productivity but will bring quick and better decision making process with the access of centralized data and reports. 

Not using a cloud based ERP and operate traditionally can be an easy way to escape from the need of the hour. However, considering the speed of technology adoption in educational organizations, in the next 2-3 years, having digital infrastructure like Mobile App and online payments etc will be primary expectations of parents to get admission in a good school.

If you’re looking for more information on how you can get started with a cloud ERP then feel free to connect us- We have a team of consultants who can make your life easier by helping you implement an ERP successfully in a very affordable pricing.