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50 effective ways to use MyClassCampus School Management Software


MyClassCampus School Management Software is a modern operating system with 40+ modules to help educational organisations go digital. Based on needs schools and educational institutes use in different ways to fulfil different purposes of operating effectively. In this blog, we have tried to cover interesting ways schools and institutes can leverage the platform.

The platform is designed with a vision to digitize almost all the possible operations of administration, management, communication and teaching in an educational organization. From the very beginning we had a vision to drive Mobile based solution along with robust web application. We have improved our Mobile App experience to a level where major day to day operations on communication, learning and quick updates can be done through the app. It’s brining all the stakeholders close which eventually resulting in highly productive environment.

A lot of educational organizations are still using technology for very limited activities so we thought to cover different implementation advantages they can get by utilizing depth of product functionalities.

Here’s the list of ways to use MyClassCampus effectively:

  1. Launch online Admission form with CRM
  2. Manage admission inquiries through the Inquiry Management Tool
  3. Digitise your fee collection through Payment Gateway
  4. Communicate old inquiries through SMS/Voice Calls for admission opportunities
  5. Offer No Cost EMI option to parents for easy fee payments
  6. Utilise student wallet to avoid cash collection for additional activities
  7. Collect important information from students/parents through data collection form via SMS link
  8. Plan to effectively use announcement and Gallery feature to communicate about achievements/progress and new initiatives by institute
  9. Automate attendance through RFID/Face recognition for staff and students
  10. Implement leave application management through App for students/staff
  11. Implement lesson plan updates daily to communicate in classroom progress with parents and track academic activities efficiency
  12. Implement Student Remarks policy to acknowledge achievement/progress of students to their parents in recorded form
  13. Communicate classwork and homework with students/parents through App
  14. Conduct live quiz/tests through the App
  15. Manage and update offline exam performance on the App
  16. Utilise Id card designing and certificate generation tool
  17. Generate report cards through the platform
  18. Communicate Monthly progress reports with parents
  19. Leverage Pocket Study- Learning Management System platform to create library of key learning resources for students
  20. Take assignments 100% paperless through App/platform
  21. Digitise inventory management and track record of purchase, assignment of inventory, consumption and available stocks
  22. Digitise library through MyClassCampus Library management system and give next level of experience for students to check and request for books through App
  23. Implement Expense/Finance Management through MyClassCampus Finance Management System
  24. Automate birthday wishes to all the stakeholders
  25. Create full year academic planner on the app
  26. Digitise transport management with GPS bus tracking
  27. Use Auto Voice Call to communicate festival wishes and important updates to all the stakeholders
  28. Digitise hostel management to automate operations and keep track
  29. Conduct live doubt solution session/extra classes on the platform
  30. Arrange virtual parents meet to cover most of the parents for important updates and communication
  31. Launch virtual online learning paid courses
  32. Manage compliant through Complaint management tool
  33. Analyse data of virtual class attendance  to effective plan and encourage participation
  34. Conduct internal staff meetings virtually through platform and communicate meeting agendas and follow-up comments on the App
  35. Manage gate pass entries digitally
  36. Track financial operations centrally for multiple branches and import data automatically to tally for accounting
  37. Manage multiple branches effectively for smooth operations
  38. Utilise access rights mechanism to securely manage operations effectively
  39. As a management track entire schools’ daily attendance, communication, fee records and many other important information through Mobile App
  40. Leverage power of data analysis and reports for important decisions
  41. Manage records of students/staff exit
  42. Access User directory through the app to get detailed information and profile of all the stakeholders
  43. Leverage power of system dynamics to manage dynamic data and records in highly effective and secure form
  44. Become a truly modern digital institute by providing power of secure and easy Mobile learning experience to students
  45. Experience the integrated LMS with ERP to save time and resources
  46. Generate QR code based Id cards for ease of operations across departments
  47. Host virtual live courses/seminars
  48. Analyse teachers’ activities and innovation on content, teaching methods, engagement and overall performance for further growth/improvement plans
  49. Provide premium content as additional learning source at affordable pricing to students
  50. Win trust of all stakeholders by becoming truly futuristic digital educational organisation

There are immense advantages of leveraging the system to improve overall experience and productivity of your educational organization. We are a passionate team of 60 young professionals working fully focused on building MyClassCampus- an operating system for education since past 5 years.

We are doing 100s of improvements and new developments to keep on meeting needs and demands of varied organizations to help them truly grow their digital strength.

Feel free to connect us for a demo access to explore our solution. You can reach on +91 6354 917 399 or write us an email on [email protected]