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2020- the year of growth, expansion and scaling new business heights


As we are heading towards beginning the new year journey of 2020, I thought of sharing our plans at MyClassCampus School Management Software, to make the new year as the year or exponential growth and expansion. We are excited to bring new age technology experience to our customers with best in class productivity features.

How about helping 100s of schools and colleges go 100% cashless in payments? Yes, you read it right. We have enabled end to end payment technology which can make life of all the stakeholders super easy when it comes to fee payments. Beyond payment gateway integration, we are providing SMS link based payment option which doesn’t require a parent to download the app to process payment. Due SMS link is enough to process fee payment. Fee settlement reports, finance management and tally integration makes the entire finance operations seamless and save 100s of hours every month of finance and management team.

MyClassCampus School ERP features

Paperless admission is becoming need of the time now considering importance of seamless experience and digital operations. We are happy to share that, within a few months of launch, a few schools processed 10,000+ admission forms through 100% paperless and cashless operations. It’s saving huge time and resources of all the stakeholders associated with the institute.

Just imagine, you have 1000 admission forms submitted on paper. How many hours of data entry work, you will need to do in order to get the data digitized? Probably 100s of hours. What about the experience of parents? Definitely it will consume a lot of their time in order to reach the school and fill the form physically. MyClassCampus School Management Software online admission solution can help you go 100% paperless in admission process. One of our customers from bihar, recently done more than 1600 admission within 2 days, 100% paperless and cashless. We are aiming to bring this as the primary method of admission for a very large audience of our customers and potential customers.

Lesson planning with LMS functionality: We are bringing a new age technology functionality which is going to change the way schools and colleges share learning resources and syllabus progress with students and parents. This is going to be a very unique and most effective method for all the stakeholders. Students will be highly benefited with important resources on a tap away with best experience. This is going to be a productivity tracking tool for the management team of an educational organisation.

Our dedicated team of highly experienced engineers and software professionals is focused to deliver extremely delightful experience in the coming time. We have been happy to receive feedback and suggestions of our customers which are becoming a strong base of our development plans.

Automated attendance is going to become very basic process in the coming time for all the educational organisations considering need of security and time saving. We’ve been researching a lot of hardware products to bring the best of the experience in this domain. Our recent experiments with face-recognition & biometric/RFID devices has been a great success and we have successfully recorded 2 million in-out records successfully to our customers. We are excited to deliver this integrated technology which will make manual attendance thing of past and bring seamless experience.

We are partnering with software companies and individual software professionals across the country and outside as well to reach more and more schools. We are ambitious to cross our partner network of more than 100 partners in 2020 and become India’s number 1 school management software company in terms of network of physical presence.

Transport management, GPS  bus tracking and hostel management are other important areas in which we have done considerable progress in terms of new functionality and Mobility driven features to improve efficiency of all the associated stakeholders. In 2020, you will see a lot of new advancements in these areas as well which will amaze you with an even better experience.

We are already having customers in 100s of cities and towns across India and in more than 20 countries outside India. In 2020, we aim to have customers in all the 730+ districts across India.

If you’re a school, college or a coaching institute then don’t hesitate to connect us for a free demo. We can assure you that your search will definitely end as far as educational ERP and Mobile App is concerned. In case you know any educational organisation who might take advantage of our solution then feel free to refer us.