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10 Ways in Which a Robust School ERP Can Make Your School Function More Efficiently


Time is of essence in today’s fast paced world. A robust school ERP ensures speed as well as accuracy. More it is gentle on the environment which is the need of the hour. As social and responsible citizens we must play our part by making certain that the old school methods of maintaining records and other data on paper are done away with. The MyClassCampus school ERP does just that. It is an online cloud based management system and uses paperless management on all its modules.

1 – Focus

With the installation of the robust school ERP, such as the MyClassCampus, it becomes easier to focus on key areas that need more of personalised attention. There is more scope for satisfied parent-teacher association. Regular and routine work such as fee payment schedule, time table management, bus schedules etc once fixed rarely need everyday attention. Thus it becomes easier to focus on everyday issues that need prompt action or in certain emergency contingencies.

2 – Delegation

The key to the smooth functioning of any organisation is proper delegation of the work among its staff. Also making certain that no member of the staff is over burdened and equal distribution of the work occurs. The staff is then able to focus on the jobs assigned to them with scope for zero error, resulting in improved school efficiency.

3 – Community-building

A close association between the parents, teachers and the administration of a school guarantees hassle free functioning of the school management system. Moreover in the long run it enables a bond to develop. This continues even long after the association comes to an end. This may not be at the school level but more on the society level and towards building a better community.

4 – Stress-free Administration

With the growing awareness and importance of education, the number of children enrolled in a single grade reaches a few hundred leaving the total strength of the school in thousands. Managing and maintaining records of such a large number can be a nightmare for the school administration. The MyClassCampus automated software reduces the burden on the administration. It further ensures smooth functioning and enhancing the school efficiency.

5 – Extensive Use of School Amenities

Schools provide top class facilities in academics, sports and extracurricular areas. A robust school ERP makes certain that the parents are aware of these amenities to enable best usage there by reaping the benefits. This is a win-win situation for the school and the parents. Information about these facilities reach the parents on time enabling informed decisions.

6 – Communication

Competition is on the rise in every field and every parent wants to enable the participation of their wards in all events there by exposing them and preparing them for the world. Communication is the key for the success of any event. Reaching out to the parents and keeping them updated about all activities happening in the school becomes so much easier with this software. Regular updates and reminders of the events ensure smooth communication with no scope for confusion reflecting on the school efficiency.

7 – Core-Competencies and KRAs

Teachers are equipped with excellent teaching skills and their entire focus and energy should be towards contributing in this area of their expertise alone. Often it is found that a teacher sometimes has to double up as the administrative staff as well because of various reasons such as absentee staff or staff shortage , etc. This reflects on the academics and a visible decline is noticed. Thus it is important to identify the key responsibility areas of the personnel so that their core competency is well utilised.

8 – Hassle free resolving of conflicts

Often issues arise between the parents and school concerning academics, teaching methodology, workload, fee structure etc. It is not only important to hear out the complaints and record them lest they be forgotten but also equally important to resolve them amiably. The online grievance management software ensures transparency as well as discretion as the case may be, leaving all the parties involved satisfied demonstrating the school efficiency system.

9 – Data security

School records are of prime importance in a child’s life. Their loss can be irreplaceable. Thus maintaining the records and being in a position to recover them is of critical importance. The MyClassCampus is an ISO Certified and SSL certified software. This combined with other security measures ensures peace of mind where data security is concerned.

10 – Recognition and Reward

The backbone of any organisation lies in its human resources. Recognition and rewards go a long way to make certain that the staff personnel remain motivated to do further good work. Similarly students require encouragement to participate in all school activities too. This not only brings about a sense of bonhomie among the teachers and students but also instills the spirit of competitiveness ensuring excellent standard of work.