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Ways to create and share digital learning content with your students


As the world is going through one of the worst pandemics in past 100 year history, entire mankind is affected on the earth. All major countries are going through difficult phase of lock-down and social distancing.

During this time, teachers and students community is affected at large due to complete closure of schools. They are trying to find different digital ways to continue the teaching-learning process going smooth. However, as it’s a new thing for a large number of teachers, they are trying to find best ways to teach online effectively and share important learning resources with their students.

In this post, we have tried to cover some very easy and interesting ways to create digital content and distribute effectively.

  1. Curate relevant content videos from YouTube:

In this method, teacher needs not to create their own video content. There’s a lot of free good quality video content created and share by expert teachers from around the world. A teacher can play a key role to curate relevant and most effective video content.

Relevant subject teacher can create list of relevant video content as per the syllabus or topics they want their students to learn.

Now question will be how to share the videos with students?

Basically our “Pocket study” application provide lesson planning based structure where a teacher can share content in the most organized and effective way. It can be shared at topic level differentiated card form which becomes easy to search and access for students.

2. Record live tutoring on Zoom or any other platform you use:

Basically when you’re doing live teaching, it happens that few students can’t join it during the live session. Due to internet issues or for some other reasons they may not be able to access the content. So a good way is to record the live tutoring session and then share it on “Pocket Study” application for relevant chapter/topic for future access of the students.

As you share the recorded live class, students can access the content later on for revisions or first time access for those who missed to join.

3. Create content through screen recorder:

So basically if you’re not comfortable with facing camera for video recording or you want to explain some content with voice over, then using screen recorder is the best way. It doesn’t require anything beyond a laptop/computer and headphone to record quality content.

You may prepare short PPT/PDF content on the topic you want to explain or open an e-book which you want to use as a reference for the recording.

Many screen recorders also provide digital pen, which you can use for underlining/highlighting or writing on the screen.

I am sharing few easy to use and interesting screen recording software sites:

4. Record videos through Phone/Professional camera: Many teachers prefer creating their own classroom kind of content. In this format, good quality camera, classroom environment and lightings are important to create quality content. This is a little lengthy procedure to create, edit and launch learning content.

5. Do live teaching on Pocket Study App: In this method, teacher can use two methods: 1. Use YouTube free live streaming method and attach link in pocket study 2. Use Pocket Study live streaming technology.

In YouTube live streaming technology, you need to use your own Google/YouTube account to create live streaming. By attaching live streaming link on Pocket Study for relevant topic, students can access the live stream from the app itself. After the session is over, students can still access the recorded streaming from the app. This method has a limitation- if you don’t have 1000 followers on your YouTube channel then you can’t use Mobile phone for live streaming. You need to use your laptop/computer camera to live stream.

In case you prefer Pocket Study live streaming technology then you will be able to start live streaming through your phone only. It will have Q&A option through chat etc. This will bring a lot of advance option to share screen and keep your live face also in a corner for giving real-time experience to students. This will be high quality streaming and will be good to operate with mobile data as well, so students will not face much issue in attending live class even if their internet is not too fast.

Note: We are in process of launching this advance live streaming technology by 4th week of April if everything goes well on technology integration side.

Because it’s an advance broadcasting technology, it will be a paid service. However, those who’re looking for good quality online teaching solution, they will find it as blessing.

Benefits of doing live teaching on Pocket Study over other third party tools:

  • It will create centralized content library for students for future access
  • No need to record screen and then upload on a platform as in pocket study, recorded class will be automatically stored for relevant topic
  • Other reference resources on the topic like soft copies of materials, worksheets etc will be access at single place
  • Possibility of creating revision audio notes with flash cards
  • Centralized management and tracking of live classes at school/institute administration level
  • Sharing reference videos through YouTube
  • Complete resource access library for students at single place
  • In near future, Pocket study content access will provide data analysis of content access by students for future guidance and decision making
  • Future plans of adding Q&A resources and quiz options on the same platform
Pocket Study- a digital learning platform
Pocket Study for new age digital learning

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