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Start your online teaching platform through “Pocket Study”


During this time of COVID 19 pandemic, schools, colleges and coaching institutes around the world are closed for a long period. Teachers are trying to find ways to continue teaching through digital platforms. Students definitely feel good being free from homework and routine of schools for a few days but definitely miss their class and learning. Fortunately, MyClassCampus team is working since past couple of quarters on idea to launch an App based platform to help teachers create and sharing learning content in the most effective way possible to their students.

We are happy to share that, we are ready with our platform called “Pocket Study”. It will create a totally new teaching-learning environment for teachers and students.

What is pocket study?

It’s a Mobile App based platform for students for quick learning, revision and access of important learning content. Teachers can upload content in lesson plan based structure for organised content sharing.

We are emphasizing on short topic based audio notes and relevant content images in card view form for better experience. However, teachers can share reference videos and study material as well.

This tool will become an audio player for students to learn.

Teachers will be free to create and share content anytime anywhere.

Pocket Study- your digital teaching platform

Some important benefits to students:

  • Content access of entire syllabus in most organised way possible
  • High quality short audio notes for quick revision with important content images
  • Reference videos and learning materials
  • Search any topic and access all important content and resources
  • Mark important comment for future reference or revision
  • Access high quality content anytime anywhere through smartphone
  • Access of their own teachers’ content in their language/format of learning

Some important benefits to teachers/school:

  • Create a centralized library of important content for their own reference and sharing with students
  • Entire content as per structure of syllabus for quick and easy sharing
  • Freedom to create content in most easiest and effective way possible
  • Improve productivity of overall teaching and performance of students
  • No language barrier and so easy to create localized content
  • Bridge the gap between student-teacher association and learning process during holiday or time of emergency
  • Leverage power of Mobile App technology for new age digital teaching

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Connect us for free demo access. Rest assured, this will create an exciting experience for all the stakeholders.