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Why Your School ERP Should Have Data Security and Data Recovery Features?


In this digital day and age, data security is of prime importance. Data security is the protection of data in digital form, from unauthorised access and misuse. The school management is aware of the critical information its data carries.Thus it is the school’s responsibility to protect the privacy of the student information it is entrusted …

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Tracking Tangible And Intangible Resources For Seamless School Management


An educational institution stands on many pillars. Some are visible and obvious others are invisible, but are nevertheless working silently in the background. These are known as tangible and intangible assets respectively. The visible assets that are physical in nature are referred to as tangible assets. They could be long term or short term assets. …

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How Can Parents Be More Involved With Their Children’s School Life?


What parents need to know about their child’s school life? Parents want to be involved and kept up to date about their children’s lives especially their school life. The MyClassCampus School parent app is designed to serve this very purpose. It is an easy and simple way for parents or guardians to connect with the …

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7 Unique Features of MyClassCampus School ERP You Won’t Find Easily


A simple google search will give you the options of many school ERP software providers. What makes MyClassCampus special? We want to explain how our solution stacks up against other options. Then you will find it easier to decide on a school ERP solution for your institution. Some of these features are available in different …

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Simplify Your Accounts With MyClassCampus – Cashless Fee Payment and Multi-campus Financial Dashboards!


Finance is an integral and very important part of running any institution or organisation. The larger the institution, larger the finance involved. It further involves a lot of record keeping and maintenance of accounts. To ensure a hassle free finance management, MyClassCampus School ERP has come with a range of solutions that cater to every …

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What is a School Management Software?


Schools are very complex institutions. They have a wide variety of functions performed together. This article will help you understand how a School Management Software can help you manage these functions better. The core academic function involves the teachers teaching in the classrooms. The administration wants to ensure that teachers are able to work without …

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