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Pocket Study- one of the best online teaching platforms in India


Due to COVID-19 schools, colleges and coaching institutes around the world are doing online teaching these days. Initially it was assumed that the pandemic will end in a month or two and so there won’t be much need of going for online education. Considering this, most educators started teaching through freely available platforms (with some conditions)  like Zoom or WebEx or Google Meet or Microsoft Team etc.

Many of them are really wonderful platforms but primarily designed for corporate meetings and not for educational purposes. However, as there are lesser known platforms which are exclusively designed for the education domain, schools and teachers start using whatever is available.

During the initial days of COVID-19 in March- April, everyone was enjoying running online classes through these platforms. However, as it became need to run this online teaching-learning process for a long period of time for this year, many issues started facing issues like accountability with central monitoring, availability of quality internet connection at students end when the class is conducted, future access of the recorded class, sharing of other important learning resources in the form of library, security of content access, secured recorded video sharing etc.

MHRD also recently recommended conducting online classes maximum 2-3 hours a day considering side effects of stress on students to remain available on screen at scheduled time and other factors. Kids below 5th grade should not be stressed to attend live classes and should be provided with recorded video contents which can be accessed at their convenience.

Considering all these aspects, there is a strong need for dedicated platforms which are designed specifically for the education domain. Which can cover all the use cases and problems I’ve mentioned above.

Very simple example, there are many platforms for messaging communication but why do we prefer WhatsApp over others? Because it’s designed to make the experience of messaging extremely smooth and simple. If there’s enough research done on problems faced by students and teachers for the online teaching-learning process then there can be a much better productive platform provided to improve overall productivity and experience of online education.

We are happy to see that many young companies around the world are working hard to solve these problems and provide dedicated platforms which can solve education domain specific problems.

MyClassCampus is one such product company which decided to build an e-learning platform called Pocket Study  in mid-2019. Back then, we weren’t aware that in a very short time, there would be a strong need for such a platform at a very large scale around the world.

Pocket Study is designed with the core of improving overall productivity of e-learning with live and video sharing options in the most organised and effective way possible.

Education domain centric design differentiate it with all other traditional virtual meeting platforms. Content sharing in the form of Lesson Planning mode helps students to access relevant content in the most effective way possible.

Security on content access, screenshot & screen recording restrictions, single device login restrictions makes it most suitable and preferred by educators.

Within 2.5 months of launching it, we are happy to share that we have crossed 72000+ users on Pocket Study Platform.

Pocket Study app was launched 2 Million times by users in the month of June 2020.

There are more than 93,000 learning resources in the form of videos, audio lectures and materials shared by teachers.

Our team is working hard to come up with more interesting features like assignment submission, virtual online test on Pocket Study (right now we have online test option on MyClassCampus), internal meeting options with teachers and staff of educational institute etc will make it even more convenient to complete the entire e-learning cycle.

As I write this article, I am super happy to share that thousands and thousands of students are learning on the platform we designed just a few months back.

If you check 100 platforms available for online education, I am sure you will list Pocket Study in the top 5. It won’t be a surprise if you say, it’s the best online education platform in India.

We are coming up with a new Author Portal concept in this month of July. Where expert teachers can create a library of learning resources and content and create packages which can be purchased by schools/students. Having a large pool of variety of content will give freedom to schools/students to prefer the content they like depending on subjects/standards etc.

Many schools are recording their own teachers lectures to deliver to their students through Pocket Study. Still we are getting many requests from schools who are asking to offer if we have options of quality content. Because teaching in the classroom and creating digital content both are different things. We are very much thankful to the teachers community who are passionate to do their best and continue teaching through whatever way possible during this tough time.

However, there is a new ocean of opportunities coming for expert teachers and quality content creators whose work might be used by millions of students across the globe. Before the internet edge, who ever imagined that a single teacher can impact the lives of millions of students?

As we adopt new normal of online learning. I strongly feel that, even after COVID, schools and teachers will prefer providing quality content libraries in the form of Apps like Pocket Study for afte school learning activities of students. It will become a go to place for learning for students who aim to learn and build their bright future.

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