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MyClassCampus- an operating system for educational organisations to help them go digital


As we are in the world of complete digital operations in the education domain, schools, colleges and institutes around the world are trying to adopt best tools and practices to effectively continue their online education. We are having 1000s of schools and institutions across India and in more than 20 countries using our solutions. However, many times, due to limited information or understanding, they missout taking full advantage of our platform.

In this blog, I am trying to cover some of the very important features which can make life of all the stakeholders easy and bring seamless productivity and experience. I will try to cover both management and online teaching related points.

Some points related to operations and management efficiency:

  1. Online admission: This feature is a blessing to organise the admission process synchronised and paperless. If you’re doing promotions on social media, on your website, WhatsApp or any other medium on the internet then having a centralised management of lead generation becomes extremely important.

Through MyClassCampus online admission process, you can generate an online admission form link which you can promote on any channels. All the admission forms will be visible in admin panel CRM. Your admission counselling team can manage records of follow-ups and admission stages of each inquiry.

It becomes a blessing for the admission counselling staff as well as a central monitoring tool makes life of the management team easy.

2. Online fee payments:There is a 300% increase in online fee collection on our platform since lockdown started in march 2020. Online fee payment makes the life of both management and parents easy. Imagine a parent has to withdraw money from an ATM and go to school to pay the fee in cash! It’s really very easy to get started with online fee collection options. It will save a lot of time of accounts staff as well which otherwise they have to spend on manually counting money and management of the same.

We are living in the world of convenience. It’s all about experience. If still you are asking your students/parents to pay fee in cash then it might leave a negative impression in their mind. Connect our team to know more about how to get started with online fee payment options.

3. Communication with students and parents: During these tough times of COVID-19, as schools are closed, digital communication became utmost important like never before. Managing effective and organised communication through Mobile App brings overall better productivity. Calendar module in our app designed with options to choose classroom, students etc to communicate with selected audience. It creates date wise records of all the communication happening on the platform.

For students and parents, having all the important communication at a single place with date wise records makes sure they don’t miss any information.

Moreover, the platform is centralized with an access rights mechanism so that management can see all the communication happening by class/subject teachers based on their role.

There are many other management activities possible on our platform but in this article we are covering those features which are most important to use during COVID time

How schools can leverage features of online teaching:

MyClassCampus- was built with a vision to help educational organisations go digital for operational and communicational efficiency. However, as we started serving more and more schools, we got requests on content sharing options, online test options etc. In Mid-2019, we decided to build a new separate yet integrated App and named it Pocket Study.

Pocket Study- a quick learning app

In 2019, there wasn’t much demand to have such a learning platform. So we were slowly building it. However, in March 2020- suddenly demand came for an online teaching platform, so our team started working day and night and launched the first version of Pocket Study.

Within 4 months, we have got 100K+ users with millions of App launches.

Here’re the interesting features which are making Pocket Study highly effective for both teachers and students:

  1. Flashcards– This is one of the most interesting and new ways of teaching through audio lectures with reference images and short content. Popularity of Flashcards is growing because it’s easy for teachers to create anytime anywhere easily through the App. On the other side, students can listen like a podcast or audio player. Interestingly, this reduces students’ screen time and helps them improve their listening abilities. Audio technology is surely going to be one of the interesting methods of online teaching
  2. Video sharing– Teachers can share their own videos/ curated videos from YouTube in the form of a library to access at convenience for students. This is the most preferred mode for both teachers and students. Though it lags real-time interaction, consuming content becomes extremely easy for students. Also it gives freedom to access as many times as required in future too.
  3. Material sharing– Teachers can share learning resources in the form of PDFs, Documents, PPTs etc. It becomes a place for accessing all the relevant learning materials. Teachers can share materials in secure form as well where students can access only in the app. Having materials and other resources accessible at one place in organised form saves lots of time of students and teachers.
  4. Live classes– Teachers can conduct interactive live classes on the app. As teachers create a class, students will receive push notification about the schedule and they can join at scheduled time. No need of sharing links or meeting Ids. Before 5 minutes of scheduled time- students will receive an alarm to remind them for the class. It covers, video, screen share, chat etc to make the live class engaging. Teachers can record the class which will be accessible for students after the class as a library of recorded sessions for future access.
  5. Assignments– Teachers can create assignments with scheduled deadline and submission format. Students can submit their assignment work from App or web with audio answers, attachments or written answers based on asked format. In the back-end, teachers can download a zip file with a student wise folder. Teachers can mark assignments with numbers scored to consider for progress reports etc.

Just imagine, a teacher of 4th grade students is asking to sing a poem for all the students and students are replying with their own singing. Or a teacher asks to tell a short story and students are speaking in their own way. It can create magical engagement and removes students’ fear to speak and answer. Here students are replying sitting at their home in their own comfort without fear of what others will think. Building listening and answering ability is an important part of learning. We feel that even after COVID-19 gets over, schools and educational institutes will continue receiving assignment work submitted through the system for better records and efficiency.

6. Online test– We have an online test platform on MyClassCampus. However, as all the teaching-learning activities happening on Pocket Study, we are coming up with an online test option in Pocket Study app before the end of August. Our innovative model of sharing questions in the form of PDF or question bank makes the life of teachers easy to create and schedule tests anytime on the go within a few minutes.It brings the next level of engagement on the students’ side along with understanding of students’ learning gap and progress.

7. Chat module– Here school can create different threads open to communicate for students/parents which makes it easy for students and parents to communicate with concerned teachers or departments of the school. Having a centralised communication channel takes productivity to the next level.

We are also working on an innovative Q&A module where students can ask questions to fellow classmates and teachers. On the other side, fellow students can answer questions. Here if a teacher wants to explain the question realtime through live anser, they can go live or schedule a live. It could be a 5-10 min session on the go to answer doubts of questions. The interactive video/screen share answer can be stored as recording for future access of other students who might not join it live. This new way of on the go learning can bring the next level of learning outcomes and productivity as students will not need to wait till the next class to get their answers. At the same time, teachers are answering at their convenience. One more important benefit here is, teachers need to answer one question only once, if there are other students with similar questions, then they can check the recorded anser by the teacher.

The beauty of MyClassCampus & Pocket Study is that both are integrated platforms which makes the life of teachers, school management, students and parents easy to have all the activities related to school under a single platform. Future looks existing where technology can benefit at large on the go and after school teaching learning activities which can be highly rewarding  in terms of positive and improved learning outcomes and productivity.

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