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An ultimate guide to choosing Best College Management System


The College Management System is designed to improvise the educational process being followed by colleges and universities. With this software, all the day-to-day operations of the colleges can be handled so easily, and information regarding every activity is also readily available on the website. This allows the colleges and universities to stay at ease with all the stakeholders and perform every function in a better way. Starting from admissions to results, everything is managed by the College Management System.

College Management Software combines the best of technology and the education system to benefit both the students as well as colleges. While it ensures that colleges manage everything such as academics, hostels, library, staff, inventory, etc from one platform, it also allows the students to learn at ease from wherever they are and whenever they want.

But, why do colleges require any such software these days?

Let’s look into this.

Why is having a College management System necessary in today’s time?

why you need college management system
why college management system

In recent times, the education system has changed a lot. While everything else is getting digitized, more than everything it has gone into the education system as well. Colleges and Universities are trying their best to provide standardized facilities to their students. For them to cater to all the needs of students and professors, it has become necessary to get everything online. On the other hand, As and when, Covid-19 outbreak has occurred all around the world, it has become difficult for colleges to handle everything offline. The risk posed by touch and contact is still there and it has led to the need for some system that could get everything online. That is why, in today’s time, colleges and universities need to get everything online. 

Some reasons as to why having an all-in-one College Management System is a must are:

  • It minimizes the risk posed by the pandemic by reduced contact.
  • It gives an advanced technology-based outlook to the colleges.
  • Storing data on the database is convenient and has more utility than managing piles of paper.
  • Students, Teachers, Departments, etc each stakeholder can be managed from one platform.
  • It caters to all the needs of various stakeholders as everything is available on their mobile phones or desktop.

This is why you should choose an all-in-one Management system that caters to all your needs. 

Curious about what you should consider while opting for, college management system?

Here are a few of the features.

Key points to consider while choosing a College Management System

While choosing a College Management System, it is necessary to consider some key features. The absence of these features is going to affect your college, functional activities.

These are:

  • Security: It is necessary that the data of hundreds of users stored on the website is secured and is not shared with third parties.
  • Customer Support: It is necessary to analyze the after-sale policy of the software provider as this will be what is going to determine the end smooth experience of the users.
  • All-in-one Solution: It is suggested to choose software that has everything included in their modules such as Management, Teaching, Administration, Communication, and Virtual Academy.
  • Dynamic: Nothing remains static in the world and so does the educational system as well as technology. Therefore, it is suggested to purchase software that is configurable according to future requirements.

Taking all these features into consideration will take you to a decision of choosing a better software for your institution.

However, to make your choosing task a little easier, we are introducing MyClassCampus College Management System.

MyClassCampus: All-in-one College Management System 

MyClassCampus College Management System is an all-in-one operating system to manage all the activities relating to colleges and universities integrated with the advanced technology based website and app. 

MyClassCampus College Management System aims to provide the best of technology to the education system where students can learn and connect with the system in a better way. It also provides utility to teachers who can plan and manage the lessons of the whole academic year. It is a complete management solution that caters to the needs of students, parents, teachers, and administrative staff as well. With more than 40+ modules available, there is nothing that can trouble you while managing the bigger institution.

Wanna know more about it? Let’s see some of its key features.

Key features of MyClassCampus College Management System 

features of college software

Here are some key features of MyClassCampus to enlighten you more about the choice of our satisfied customers.

  1. Paperless Admission Management

In colleges, there is a huge volume of students applying, and scrutinizing takes a lot of time. All this, while done offline has a lot of drawbacks. From getting so many applications to finalizing according to available seats, several phases are included. With the MyClassCampus College Management System, the whole admission procedure can be digitized. Colleges can rightly assign counselors, conduct interviews, and grant admission to students with MyClassCampus. The Inquiry CRM allows colleges to manage admissions in various departments, courses, years, etc., under a single platform.

2. Fees & Finance Management

Colleges and Universities have different kinds of fees such as registration fee, admission fee, hostel fee, transportation fee, etc. All these fee collections in cash are risky to keep in the premises and regular bank deposits are also inconvenient. Moreover, expenses such as Staff salary, inventory, and other purchases also need to be managed. All these fees and finance can easily be managed by MyClassCampus. It has a tally integration with which tally can easily retrieve data from this software and can be used further.

3. Academics and communication Management

MyClassCampus allows the colleges to manage all the activities of the whole academic session in an organized and effective manner. The arranging of classrooms, live classes, lesson planning, timetable, material sharing, diary, etc everything can be easily managed with this module. The MyClassCampus College Management System not only helps you to manage all the activities but also acts as a communication portal. With this, teachers can communicate homework, examination schedules, performance, results, etc periodically through SMS, Emails, and Voice Calls.

4. Content Sharing

With the Learning Management System (LMS) configured in MyClassCampus College Management System, teachers can easily share the content with students such as lessons, classes, attachments, assignments, tests, slideshows, etc. It also keeps checking as to what content students can access, how they attended the classes, test scores, etc. It administers and tracks the various educational activities and provides a complete virtual experience to students with which they can learn more easily and attain quality education at convenience. 

5. Inventory Management

Colleges need to purchase a lot of stuff for students, faculty, premises, library, etc and managing the whole through offline becomes really complicated. Therefore, it becomes necessary to manage the inventory with great care. It becomes necessary to analyze the number of purchases made in a particular month or quarter. Therefore, with Inventory Management, you can easily add and manage the various items that need to be purchased. From placing an order with the seller to the delivery of goods, every activity is thoroughly defined and tracked by the Software. You can also add the various vendors and track their history with various filters. The most amazing function of MyClassCampus in Inventory Management is you can rightly manage purchase orders through this software itself. You don’t need to keep books to record the purchase orders. It helps in keeping the check on everything related to Inventory.

6.Library Management

The library has great importance for colleges and universities. It is the main source of knowledge for students and many students like to spend most of their time here and so it is necessary to manage the library in the utmost effective manner. MyClassCampus allows you to manage the library easily while tracking every activity in an organised manner. It tries to cater to all the needs of the library and solve problems faced by library staff and administrative staff while doing everything offline. It helps in managing the books and it’s listing. With this software, you can search the books, authors, subjects, sections, etc with the keywords. It also allows the bar-code setting of the books allotting different bar-codes to each book which makes the issuing and return of books easy. Therefore, MyClassCampus is a complete package to manage the library.

7.Transport Management

MyClassCampus provides for the management of transport services as a whole with an advanced bus tracking system. It allows schools to track the live location of buses by fitting GPS in every vehicle. It also allows route administration, listing of different vehicles run by the colleges or institutions, and push notifications in the app. Parents can also see the live location of their children and track the route with the MyClassCampus app. In all, it serves the demonstrative management of the complete transport system of the colleges and so proves to be the most safest and secure system to stay updated of the transport system.

8. Human Resource Management

Managing the Human Resource in the colleges becomes really difficult if managed offline. The attendance, holidays, payroll, etc all need to be looked at differently. However, with MyClassCampus, it can be managed really easily. It monitors all the activities relating to the employees and saves a lot of time for the management. With this, colleges can easily manage staff holidays, leave management, daily attendance, salary components, salary slip, provident funds, TDS, etc. The attendance can be managed with any of the ways as manual, biometric machine, or walkthrough. You can also track the history of employees and draw reports with various filters. Therefore, everything relating to Human resources from entry to exit can be managed effectively.

9.Grievance Management

All India Council of Technical Education provides for the redressal of grievances. Keeping this in view, we have built this module of Grievance Management to help you with all the issues. With this module, you can receive, maintain and check the status of complaints as well, whether they have been solved or not. This ensures that the valuable issues of various stakeholders are not ignored and paid proper heed to. Thus, this module proves to be the most useful of all as solving grievances is a step forward towards growth.

10.Hostel Management

In colleges and students, hostel management also becomes very necessary as managing the students who are out of their homes and are dependent on the institution completely require proper attention. This is why we have built the module of the hostel management which allows the colleges and universities to manage every activity of hostels. Colleges can manage the allocation of students, mess, visitors list, and hostel attendance as well. Thus, it assures parents about the safety of the child as their activities are rightly managed with this software.

11.Gate Pass Management

Colleges and Universities have a lot of traffic moving in and out. In such cases, concerns about the security of the institute and the stakeholders. It becomes highly mandatory to check and track the guest visitors and restrict the unauthorized entry of people. This has led us to build this module that ensures that your premises and institution is secure. With this, you can design and create the gate pass in a few simple steps. Then, you can assign the rights to the security guard who can allow the entry of only authorized visitors. You can also create strata of the visitors and mark them under VIP or Blacklist. Apart from this, the timings of various visitors can also be noted and tracked. This would ensure that only authorized people can enter the premises.

12.Advance Mobile App for all stakeholders

Mobile phones are the device which is used by everyone these days more than anything else. It has become the necessity of people. So, we also have taken the whole institution into the hands of stakeholders. With advanced mobile apps built by MyClassCampus, admins can choose to provide access to any amount of information to various stakeholders according to their requirements. Therefore, parents, students, teachers, library staff, etc everyone can use all the above-listed features with a mobile app that can be downloaded free on their smartphones from Google Playstore or Apple store.


MyClassCampus fits in everything that you can think of to make your College Management System an effective one. With all the prospective tools available, you can manage everything with just a few clicks. Whether it’s managing inquiries, or teaching and administrative activities, or Hostel Management, Library Management, Fees and Finance Management, Transport Management, Gate pass Management, or whatsoever, MyClassCampus has got everything covered. You think later than we have it for you. This is what makes MyClassCampus College Management Software the best choice for many users all around the globe.

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