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Choose Best Coaching Class Management Software



The need and utility of coaching classes have increased tremendously with the increase in consciousness of students in a deep understanding of the concepts. The enhanced sphere has led to the need for a robust system that can make managing all the tasks easier.

Coaching Class Management Software is a system that allows the institutions to manage all their tasks without any hassle. It helps to oversee every activity in different branches across the country or globe on the same platform. With this software, coaching classes can rightly focus on the growth and expansion of their institution while leaving everything else to the software.

This is the reason, all around the world, many coaching classes have opted for advanced technology-based Coaching Class Management Software and some are planning to opt for it. 

However, due to the hassled decision of buying software and not enough knowledge of key features, owners of coaching classes have to suffer a lot. They then have to switch to the one they think better.

If you are also planning to buy or switch to new Coaching Class Management Software, we have listed a few key features that should be considered

Key factors to consider while choosing a Coaching Class Management Software:

  1. Diversity of the solution

It is of utmost importance to analyze the diversity of the software. Therefore, while buying software, you must check its limitations. You must analyze if it is limited to management or if it also supports online teaching. However, it is convenient and suggested to buy the software which provides you a one-stop solution for your coaching class.  

2. The dynamism of the platform

While choosing a software, it is necessary to see if it is designed in a way to cope with the changing needs of the business environment. Nothing remains static and so does the education system. So, just having the right modules won’t help and you must check that given modules are configurable to a futuristic view.

3. Upcoming Features

While choosing Management Software, it is necessary to see what features the software is covering. Irrespective of what you want right now, you must go for the software that covers all the prospective features because as you will grow, you will require these features and then you won’t be able to get those immediately unless the company has plans to update their software accordingly. Even, it is better to ask the company’s plans for future development to know their commitment to build the best and bring the best to you.

4. Quality Mobile App driven

Most of the users of the coaching class Management Software operate the system through their apps as it is most convenient. Therefore, it is necessary that the app must not have any major bugs that hinder the smooth functioning. It is better to choose the software of which the app is branded that does not have any glitches and provides superior user experience.

5. Customer Support

Customer Support is the major factor that should be kept in mind while buying software. The software might be good enough, it might not have any glitches, it might have a well-built app but if their customer support staff is not active enough to solve everything quickly, it all goes in vain. Therefore, it is necessary to check the company’s background and method of after-sales service.

6. Security

Security is also one of the key factors to keep in mind while choosing a Coaching Class Management Software. Most of the time, low cost or free management solutions come with the cost of the data breach. Therefore, it is suggested not to sacrifice the data of your hundreds of users just for a few pennies. You must choose software with adequate security set up.

All these are the key factors that need to be considered while choosing an adequate Coaching Class Management Software.  Taking into consideration all these key factors and your prospective requirements here’s introducing MyClassCampus Coaching Class Management Software. 

MyClassCampus Coaching Class Management Software

MyClassCampus Coaching Class Management Software is a one-stop solution for effectively managing the coaching institution. It was built with the objective of providing managing all the activities such as admissions, fee collection, online teaching, lesson planning, reports generation, analysis, and else through ERP.

Our well-qualified and skilled employees are doing their best to provide the best of services in the education system. We are striving to build an advanced technology-based system that allows you to grow your institution. 

You must be wondering why you should choose MyClassCampus over others. So, here are reasons why.

Why MyClassCampus?

Why MyClassCampus?

MyClassCampus has a dedicated team of 50 young & qualified professionals working with a vision to bring the best of technology in education.

This software is a one-stop-solution that includes admission, teaching, management, communication and virtual academy. All this under one roof ensures the effective and smooth working of the Coaching Class.

Some Specific reasons to choose MyClassCampus over others are:

  • 3-layer customer experience

MyClassCampus Customer Support works in 3 layers with which we ensure that all the grievances and suggestions of the customers are heard. These are:

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with which all the emergency requirements of the customers are met.
  2. Implementation and Training Manager who looks into all the issues relating to the product.
  3. The Key Account Manager manages the day to day queries of the customers.

With these layers, we ensure the end superior experience of the customers.

  • Takes only 20 minutes to setup everything 

With MyClassCampus, you can start your coaching class within just 20 minutes. With no hassle and easy modules, you can start experiencing all the features of Management Software in the utmost quick manner. Therefore, you can get everything online and remove any hassle involved within no time.

  • Futuristic Design 

The modules under MyClassCampus are built keeping in view the changing needs of education systems as well as technologies. We have brought the best of the softwares to provide the utmost comfortable experience to users. This is why this software is rightly configurable according to the futuristic development of the Coaching Classes.

  • Advanced Mobile App

We have an advanced technology-based Mobile App to ensure that your Coaching Class functions are carried on smoothly without any glitches. This App is easy-to-use and grants a handy experience to users. We also periodically update the app to fix any bugs and glitches.

To add a little more to your knowledge, we would enlighten you with some key features of this software.

Key Features:

1.Online Admission

With MyClassCampus Coaching Class Management Software, you can carry out the whole admission procedure online without any hassle. This includes Inquiry management, data management, promoting inquiry forms, follow-ups, analyzing various inquiry stages, etc. Moreover, with an online admission portal, parents don’t have to visit the place of the coaching institute to get their child admitted. Every activity can effectively take place online.

2. Fees and Finance Management

MyClassCampus has an effective way out to manage finance. You can easily collect and manage the fees of students admitted to the courses. Apart from this, other financial activities such as employees’ salaries, inventory purchases, etc can also be managed. You can also generate reports to analyze the data of income and expenditure. 

3. Communication Management

The MyClassCampus Coaching Class Management System not only helps you to manage all the activities of the institution but also acts as a communication portal. The availability of various options such as sending automated SMS and Emails, voice calls to parents, students, or even staff ensures effective communication. With this, teachers can communicate homework, examination schedules, performance, results, etc periodically.

4. Attendance Management

The attendance of stakeholders such as students, teachers, and other employees can be managed easily with MyClassCampus Coaching Class Management Software. This can be done in any of two ways, either manually through the app or biometrics. Convenient methods can be used as per requirements to manage attendance.

5. Exam Scheduler

The module of Exam Scheduler under MyClassCampus Coaching Class Management Software has made scheduling and conducting exams really smooth. The date sheet can be published on the website and the same can easily be communicated to parents.

6. Lesson planner

The lesson planner module available with MyClassCampus Coaching Class Management Software helps in tracking the progress of teaching activities. It also allows the teachers to plan the lessons of various classes and carry on the educational activities in a better manner.

7. Online Test

You can also conduct online tests for students and track the progress. For this purpose, you can intimate students about the upcoming online tests and quizzes, compulsory as well as voluntary. With this module, it becomes easy for students to grasp knowledge in a  better way.

8. Assignments Management

Managing Assignments offline piles up a lot of papers and sometimes it becomes difficult to manage such a huge pile. Therefore, under MyClassCampus, we have designed a module to submit assignments digitally through attachments. Thus, assignments can easily be managed with this software.

9. Inventory Management

Coaching Institute generally keeps enough inventory of books,  dairies, and also allot ID cards, etc to students to maintain uniformity among students. For this, they have to keep track of inventory present at a particular point in time. All the activities of Inventory from Purchase to distribution can easily be managed by MyClassCampus Coaching Class Management Software.

10. Human Resource Management System

With the MyClassCampus Coaching Class Management System, institutes can easily manage human resources such as staff details, attendance, leave applications, holidays, payroll with necessary reports. It gives centralized Rights to Admins with which they can effectively manage the access of all the stakeholders. This includes teachers, parents, administrative staff, librarians, hostel staff, etc.

11. Online teaching with secure content sharing

The feature of online teaching enhances the utility of this software which helps in increasing the reach and enrollment of a number of students. Teachers can take online classes and share content securely. With restrictions on screen recording and taking screenshots sustains the privacy policy of this software and your content. The user access can be limited to one screen to ensure privacy accuracy.

12. Launch Virtual Academy

With MyClassCampus, any coaching institute, small or big, can launch a complete virtual academy- course selling portal where they can create and list online courses. This includes course designing, live classes, teaching, content sharing, pricing, discounts, promoting the academy, sales reports, etc. The students can browse and buy any course they require and have access to it. Thus, the virtual academy can be launched effectively for enhanced reach and convenience.

13. Multi-branch management

MyClassCampus Coaching Class Management Software allows centralized data access to manage various branches of your Coaching Institute. It helps in the convenient operating of the whole system.


MyClassCampus Coaching Class Management Software has got every aspect covered that you require for effectively managing all the activities of Caching Class. Our ever-growing team is always working to ensure smooth operations at your end. The customer support team at MyClassCampus believes in the satisfaction of our users. So, if you happen to face any bugs, they are fixed as early as possible. Not to mention, our futuristic approach has given our customers the best experience. Being a one-stop-solution for management, teaching, communication and the virtual academy has made MyClassCampus the best choice of users all over the country and beyond.